Has anybody ever had this happened?

So everyone has a type whether it's man or woman. There's a long list of things you'd like your significant other to have but you can never really find it in people outside like places you would go ave meet like school , coffe shop , mall wherever. But I finally found this girl that would be perfect 👌 for me she has all the qualities and characteristics but the thing is I've always known her and she was under my nose the whole time kind of lol. She would not fall under the category of a friend but I will say we are cool and have a cordial relationship where if I was to make a move it could get very awkward. But I can't help but to think of her now because I see everything I would want in a woman in her


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  • Go for it then, what is the worst that can happen?

    • Her not feeling the same. I wouldn't care if it was just like a crush on a random girl but its someone I do see from time to time that and I'm cool with. But yeah the awkwardness and rejection from this specific person lol

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    • I guess your right about it killing me but I don't know if we will get closer from the experience I'll have top see

    • It's still better to know than not to know. Good luck!

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