How to snuggle with a girl?

Me and this girl have been seeing each other for about a week now. We aren't in a relationship officially or anything. But we are going to watch a movie and I want to know how I should approach snuggling with her? I know she wants to I just am not sure how to initiate and make sure it's not awkward. Any tips apreccaited, thanks and happy Christmas!


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  • Make sure to pick a scary movie. Just gently put your arm around her shoulder then gradually snuggle up to her. I'm pretty sure she would like you to Initiate it.

    • We already have a movie picked out but thanks! What do you mean just snuggle up to her? Like we will be sitting close and stuff but is snuggling generally just like sitting close and holding hands? Maybe with a arm over her shoulder?

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    • Okay thanks, any tips besides that? Or is that all snuggling is? Do you think she will try to lay on my shoulder? is that normal? Soryy I'm a bit of a noob at this haha.

    • You gotta did out in your own. Use a little common sense :) if she doesn't move you away, get closer and just be natural about it. If you want to hold hands with her, then just do it!

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  • OH i love hugs from behind while grabbing her nothing to rough but wrap your arms around her from behind rest your chin on her shoulder and sway side to side and just hold her.


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  • The way you would snuggle with any guy LOL