Does this sound far fetched?

My boyfriend said his parents spent $20,000 renovating the basement for him to live in. I genuinely believed him. But when i told my friend they said that does not seem to be true. I'm so confused.


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  • Is your friend a homeowner?

  • It obviously depends on what the parents did. A single room added on, with paint, lumber, dry wall, flooring, etc can cost up to $10k- $12k and a 3/4 bath up to $7k-$10k if they have to tap into the sewer. Prices may also vary from region to region, state to state, country to country but if was a bathroom, bedroom, kitchenette and a TV/sitting room then yes, $20,000 if very possible.

    • There is no stove and on TV.

    • Bathroom? Sitting room? And what guy has a basement to himself and not have a TV?

      Again, it depends on the work done. A basement apartment, even as a suite is pretty expensive. You could probably Google "cost of building a basement apartment" or something along those lines and get a general idea. :)

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