Is it too late to find love and get married at this age?

I am 32. I have been in a few relationships- the latest one was about a year and he broke my heart. I had to walk away. Now with the new tear approaching I am afraid I won't meet a good guy and marry him.

Most guys who try to get my attention are younger or same age, the type with a luxury car
or motorbike whom I assume are players.

I dress up in a sexy but respectful way.

Should I just forget the idea or what?

Thank you

I mean new year-not tear :)


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  • never is late, but don't feel like that you MUST get married.

    and what if you never marry? it's not the end of the world

    • Thank you for your answer.

      I want to have a kid. I don't want to end up alone when I am older

      Also, there is social and family pressure on me to get married.

    • thanks for MHO!

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  • I don't see why 32 would be too old. Lots of people have fallen in love at that age.

  • It's NEVER too late. And what sort of transportation gives you the impression he is NOT a player? Horse? Bike? '72 Buick Skylark?

    • A donkey lol:)
      No I don't mean every guy with a hot car is s player. But I've met that type- they are mostly handsome and show off their cars. They just use that to attract girls and have a nice time with a girl- not really any serious thing.

    • PMSL! I thought I rode a donkey once, big floppy ears, whiskers on the chin and the most obnoxious braying. Turned out to be my ex after I had too much to drink.

      On a serious note, it is never too late. Pinky swear.

  • You can still find love, you can still find a good guy but you have to accept that once a woman enters her thirties she's competing with younger women in their twenties and most men you're age will date younger women. It's going to be tough because age is not on your side, but there's no reason why you cannot find someone.


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  • I'm over 35, and met my BF about 2 years back. It feels perfect right now. So, if you ask me, no I think its never too late. :)

  • Your not to old, but if you want kids...
    The biological clock is ticking