How to think postively and move on?

There's a really beautiful girl that I can't get over. She use to flirt and kiss me, always depended on me and would lay on my shoulder, stomach and she's not only beautiful but she's got a great personality and she's caring but for some reason we never got serious. Cause I tried a few times to suggest to her that I like her but she would act weird and then I'd just forget it but she still sees me as a friend from time to time.
Nowadays she isn't the same with me but she still leans on me when watching movies or playing games, talks private stuff, joke around with each other but she can also be very insulting towards me as well. She talks about other guys and hugs a lot of her male friends, she gives them neck hugs which I can honestly say I've never gotten off her. I don't try to invade other people's personal space, I respect them, I don't pressure women into giving me hugs or a kiss. I don't even bother her or act strange around her because I'm upset I'm actually quiet good in that sense maybe because I'm pretty self-deprecating but even then I don't bother other people about my problems. (Except for now)
I hate to admit it but I am jealous of her new love interest and her because of how free they are. One big difference is a slight age gap of about 5-6 years and the fact that I didn't grow up around a good family or company and not use to how free everyone is nowadays with the opposite sex. It was almost looked down upon in my situation by family and friends. I was never free but even though I'm not comfortable i'm very understanding and progressive. I may have to accept the fact that she will never love me so I begin my damage control now, even though I can't stop thinking about her. Maybe because she's beautiful and popula she won't think of me so how can I re-enforce my thoughts, so that I can still feel better about my self and still hope for love from someone else in future. I know it's stupid but i could really use some good messages since i'm feeling d


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  • I would like to suggest you to start distancing yourself from the lady, 'cause even if you feel the need to move on it would be painful to always stay together yet not feel anything. Stop observing things at most and spend much time with distractive force a. k. a friends, you would soon start to move on as humans are rather movable creatures they're not stagnant and heart can be changed, start paying more attention to yourself like renew your hobbies or something along the line. You're a good person at heart I'm sure you'll find some awesome chick in sometime and she would do the rest of the job.

    Although girly or childish ways if you'd think of them as such, still I hope they would help you.

    • Sorry I didn't get the last bit, but thanks for your kind words, believe me I really appreciate it.

    • The last part was rant...

    • Thanks!!

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