What would you feel about being in this type of situation/relationship? Will it be worth sticking around?

So, I've been hanging out with, and talking to a guy since early November, he's come to my family's thanksgivings, and I went to his, he's coming over for Christmas Friday . We have been sleeping together for a good portion of the time we've been talking (wasn't planned on either side). We had a talk recently about where things were going, and what the future held. He's not allowed to have relationship for about a year because of AA, he just lost his job and searching for a new one, I'm looking for a better paying job, we both agreed that neither of us are, financially, in a position to have a true committed relationship, we did agree that we weren't going to see other people, and that we're only sleeping with each other. I have formed feelings for him over time, and I know he has feelings for me. We both have a hard time saying no to sex. We agreed we were having sex too often, and are trying to cut back.


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  • Sex too often? Not possible and I agree that AA has no business in a person's relationships other than it being taboo getting involved with someone also in the program.

    • The other part not mentioned is that he got in trouble before ibmwt him and has an ankle monitor, I don't want to start a relationship until I find out what he's like without it.

      I just want to make sure I don't send the wrong impression when it comes to sex. Like, ibenjoynthe sex, but i don't want tobbe friends with benefits , I eventually want a relationship.

    • Ankle monitor is usually for something a lot worse than having addictions. You might want to find out what it's for and to make sure he's not a danger to those around him or a flight risk after committing a crime, i. e vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated. Just my opinion of course.

    • He's been in trouble for a DUI and ovi, as well as under ages. He's 20.

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  • "He's not allowed to have relationship for about a year because of AA"?
    I didn't know AA controls relationships too. Why then?
    "We agreed we were having sex too often, and are trying to cut back."
    This beats me. I really can't follow. You're both consenting adults, aren't you?

    • AA recommends abstaining from romantic relationships, so that a person can focus on just them while recovering. Sometime, a romantic partner can inhibit the person in recovery from growing and getting better, sometimes even enabling bad behavior. He was in a relationship when he started going to AA, that could be a part of it. I've had relatives go through the same thing.

      Yes, we're consenting adults, I just don't want either if us to get hurt, know what I mean?

    • *facepalm* (for myself or for me? I don't know yet.)

    • edit:... or facepalm for you

  • yeah i think u two have a connection which will make you two drawn to each other


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