Should I he concerned about my girls snapchat?

Her Co worker a guy is her bestfriend has been two weeks now. I went to their work party and I asked her about it and the guys girlfriend was there. I'm more attractive than this guy in my opinion. I conftoned her she kind of proved me wrong felt stupid but jeez what kind of pictures could they constantly be sending. She says this guy is mean to her and calls her ugly in a joking way. She said that after I met him

I think snapchat is a flirty app by defualt.
I should also mention we can only see each other every couple weeks now.


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  • Snapchat isn't a flirty app. My boyfriend had a similar concern after learning I do have it. Apparently one of his friends got cheated on through Snapchat. He cooled off when he saw the type of things I received and sent (silly faces, lots of silly faces) though. You already said she proved you wrong.

    • Well not about the snapchat. I accused her of cheating because this scenario added up.

      Told me to go to this work party. Then weirdly said you don't have to go three different times. Didn't answer to of my phone calls when I called to met up. I showed up with a friend expecting the worst. She proved me wrong that night. She never got any calls and actually text me.

    • Well I get where you're coming from, I wouldn't like it if my boyfriend had girls as her best friend on Snapchat :/

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  • She should not be snap chatting with another dude. Period

    • I mean she has a lot of friends.. I'm not going to be that controlling.

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