Should I make her wait 2 for a response, does she start thinking about more than?

its a childish game i know but she does this, im so tired of it, i really like her but i dont like it , i write her, ask her sincere questions, she reads them, is online several times a day, but can't even bring up , to answer me. than i stop writing, or start writing or posting stuff, she is checking my fb, and she starts writing me -__- YES I LIKE YOU GIRL, only you, its stupid i have to get your attention this way, im gonna make her wait. i dont know what she is doing during her holidays, m gonna let her linger for a while. no answer from me, for several hours, just a good night thats it. now she can start thinking about me, why do we sometimes have to resort to these stupid mind games, im just interested in her but well if i tell her how i feel, she tells me i think to much, if i dont say her anything we are intimate. well guess its my turn to let her wait, im always wondering were she is, im gonna let her wonder were i am, what i could be doing, if im seeing other girls or not, thats what im always worrying about, now she can feel the same thing. do these stupid games work or not


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  • Not really... it usually means the person playing the games is either 1) stupid and/or 2) insecure. I tend to assume the and/or scenario, stupid and insecure. I would move on to someone that doesn't want to play mind games.

    • I dont know if these are mind games, she normally does answer my texts rather quickly, sometimes im waiting for hours to get a response. today i asked her what did you get for Christmas, no answer, now several hours later i get a text '' Hello"" didn't answer to it so far. She knows she is pretty and has guys chasing her, im no different, but the difference is, i am intimate with her, she was pregnant from me, but i dont want her to take me for granted. all day i have been waiting for her answer, and now when im liking some other girls photo she starts writing me. i texted her today that i went to a city, didn't go there at all. im not into these games but one moment she is sending me hearts and stuff and another moment im thinking why isn't she writing back, why am i getting these stupid 1 word replies. i won't ignore her competely but im gonna let her wonder what is going on. i think she is insecure, i think she likes me more than she realizes herself

    • she does things i dont like, she knows it, and sometimes acts like she doesn't give a damn, but i know she checks my fb profile, sometimes i get random texts, asking me if im at home, today i just send her a small text, good night thats it, im not a 2n or third price, im a 1st price, im a great guy, and i dont want her to take me for granted, because sometimes i get that feeling. bought her a gift, made a picture, sended it to her, told her she has to wait for 2 weeks to get since she isn't here, no response nothing,

    • well... i think you have your hands full brother.. good luck with it!