Does she want me to ask her out? Does she like me?

HI everyone I need help with this girl I really like. Quick story 1st of all. I told her I liked her after she knew me for a week which did not end up well and she was avoiding me. I decided to give her space for a whole month and after that month I texted her saying I still got feelings for her and I want to meet her to fix things up as in to get to know each other more and become better friends. And I also said if she ain't comfortable with meeting me alone she can get her friends with her. She replied saying I dont mind meeting and I prefer us two first lol. Then we agreed on a day to meet. After we met she said she was scared and was not comfortable because she did not know who I am. Anyways.. we until now hangout alone and we have a wonderful time. I asked her to go to the movies with me and she was excited and went with me and we had so much fun as well. After the movie we were talking about our past relationships and how she doesn't easily trust anyone after what her ex did to her. A lot of boys have asked her out and she rejected all of them claiming she can't trust any and she has trust issues. Then I was like I got rejected once and it was you. But then I said I never asked you out by the way. She said yea I know so it doesn't count. My friends were like that was an obvious sign I shouldve asked her out but I didn't. Anyways I told my friends I think she sees me as a friend. They were like no she doesn't because she always agrees meeting u when before she used to ignore you. And if she didn't like me she wouldn't have agreed to meet me in the first place. And they also said why does she hangout with you instead of anyone else? I was like yhh you guys are right. But still I don't wanna make it awkward again as I am not really sure if she likes me. When we talk together we look eachother right in the eyes and when we sit together she sits close to me and her body is always towards me. Not much flirting though. Please help me decide if I should ask her out?


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  • "Hey so I on our conversation from last time... You said you couldn't trust any guys anymore, but do you trust me? And then if she says yes ask her to be your girlfriend an if not then just say," well you know not everyone is the same just give me some time and ill prove to you im not the same as other guys."


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