Started liking the gurl that was helping me date her best friend?

Okay so i know these 2 girls from my school that are best friends. I kind of liked the first one and her bf encouraged me to do so and flirt with her and she was like giving me help since she knows her best. But that girl doesn't seem so intrested ( i know there is something or else she wouldve told her best friend that is helping me out) but the thing is that i wasn't really looking at this second girl who was helping in " potential gf" way, but today i started thinking like this and realized that she is actually very cute and i can't believe i just wasted my whole time with the other one while i had a chance with this girl but instead I treated her like a friend , now if i do anything towards her she might think that im just desperate and wanna date her only becaus ei couldnt date her friend ( i wasn't actually that crazy about her friend) but im actually shocked that once u look in a diffrent way to someone they can become really pretty and exactky what u look for. I dont wanna sound like an asshole that keeps messing with as many girls as possible but i'd apprecitae if u can help me out with some tips on how to try and turn this from a friendship to something else because it is EXTREMLY awakward for me just to think about it and what is she gonna think about me when she realizes i like her now instead of her friend. Thank you :)

The other girl talks less and replies with a minmum to my texts thats why i didn't ask her out because i felt like she was olaying hard to get and i hate that , while the other one always reply to me and i can comfortably have full conversations with her about the mist random things..


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  • Just tell her how you feel. Explain that all the time you've been spending together/talking you've realized how amazing she is. If you just explain everything and be honest, she's not going to think you're a skeeze. Plus, any girl will be flattered if you tell them that even though they were helping you with another girl, getting to know her made you really, really like her. Honesty is the best way to go about this.

    • Thanks a lot that was very helpful but one last question, u think i shiuld do this in person or over text? Because like i said it is cery awkward and I've never in such a situation, im also worried about her reaction.

    • Sorry for the typing mistakes :p

    • In person is ALWAYS better than text, but I can understand that it can be very scary so text if you can't do it face to face.

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  • Haha this has happened to me before. I never asked the girl out so i regret it. So how long ago was this? If its been like a month or a bit more, you should tell the bf that you realized you like her. And explain that its not because her friend didn't want you. Just explain it, but how long was this ago?

    • Less than a month , i met them about 3 weeks ago in school and got became friends right away

  • Sounds like American Pie!