Frugal players, are they pathetic (Honest answers please)?

I'm not in school, don't have a car, can't afford restaurant and movie, don't buy flower and gifts.

Am I'm too pathetic for any woman that I should stay out of the dating scene?

  • Yes, No decent girls will mingle with u!
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  • No, as long as girls think ur fun!
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  • Probably, ur a bit cheap so u better be smooth!
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  • I don't know!
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I finished school already, but still can't afford things. I'm in the process of being a police officer. But no $ until I start my training.


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  • You are pathetic for only one reason- asking that question.

    The other shit doesn't have anything to do with being pathetic. Plenty of people can be successful without going to school. It's a misconception that the only way to success is with a degree, in fact, it's probably a sure-fire way to working for somebody else and hating the rest of your life. That's all a degree does, it sets you up to work for someone else. You have to remember that in our country you can open up your own business or offer service in any way, at whatever cost, as long as it's legal. So make that money. Nobody needs a degree for that.

    Don't have a car? Well that inhibits your mobility and for sure girls aren't going to want to take the bus on dates... It's sad to say but having a car means something to a lot of women. It is what it is. Just buy a cheap one and use it for taking her out on dates.

    My cousin is a stoner and didn't hold a job down for over a decade. He's a HS drop out. He got laid an insane number of times all through high school and through his 20's. So, no, that other shit doesn't make you pathetic. Just focus on something and get it done.


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  • Why did you leave school? That drastically limits your options for the future.


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  • You are indeed too pathetic.

  • What? No! Use your charms. It passes almost everything if done right.

    Yeah, and get a job while you're at it