Here one minute, gone the next.

i am 37 female who started a fling with a 21 year old male.he was texting me 1 day that he was craving me like a drug, couldn't quit thinking about us,so on...then 1day he wouldn't text me back.i called him and he kept saying he couldn't hear me(was friends phone)then he calls me@315am and I was p*ssed but happy too.i kept telling him I was on my way like5times.he got so p*ssed.he went home and I haven't seen him since.what was it? did I hurt his pride?he is built like a god and it no girl has ever stood him up?


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  • You just got welcomed back into what it is to be a 21 year old.

    If you engage in any activity with this young of a male, understand that you're running the risk of being treated like a 18-21 year old girl all over again.

    He's acting like a child probably because he's got the mindset of a child.


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  • are you kidding me? he's 21 and has no clue! Not to blast you, but don't you remember experiencing this when you were 21, and dealing with other 21 year olds?

    I say let him be, he WILL be back... In the meantime, have fun with someone else.