Why do people keep asking me this?

My bf and I just got together, and when people found out, they kept asking us; "Is this your first relationship?" Wtf? Who the fuck cares if this is my first? First of all, it's none of your damn beeswax, second, this is my relationship now. My only one. It didn't really bother me until my bf actually asked me if he was my first bf though. Now it's driving me nuts. Take into account the fact that these are not old people without a life so they have to nose into yours. These are people our own age.


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  • It's really not a big deal. As to why random people are asking I don't have a clue but why the boyfriend may have asked is to a lot of people being someone's "first" is very important, it's hard/weird to explain why but it just is. Like a first kiss is a big deal to a lot of people, so maybe being your first bf is a big deal to him.


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  • Seriously though, is it your first?

  • They don't know what to ask so they make shit like that up.


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