What to do with a partner who doesn't speak your love language?

For anyone unfamiliar with these:


My partner doesn't speak mine and I have brought this up to him.

Should I try to change to understand the ways he expresses love better (very difficult, have tried), push him to try to speak my love language, or just break it off?

Really not feeling loved because he won't speak mine.



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  • By doing that, you probably weren't speaking his language lol... did you think about that? Also if you try to push anything, all you will end up doing is pushing him away, i suggest you find his language, and i can guarantee he'll try to find yours. (i know his language, do you?)

    • First of all, you don't know him. Second, yes. I have done everything and more. He feels loved, but I don't and he won't try mine.

    • I was asking if I should compromise my needs to feel loved and try to use his instead or push harder for him to use mine. But thanks for your condescension.

    • You are definitely welcome. I work with statistics.. so when you say ^^that^^ forgive me if im not a believer. I don't know him, sure.. but Im A Guy... and from what you are saying, you want to make changes... and im telling you.. bad idea. If you don't believe me... please.. by all means.. go ahead. Try to force him. I'll wait for your next question as to why he seems distant. You are assuming he feels loved, you don't know if he does. Keyword: know. Just ask him, guys are stupid simple, ask him what he wants from you. there's no luggage if you know. and if you refuse... well... oh well.

  • With the best will in the World if you aren't compatible with each other then you're just wasting your time. You need to be on the same page where it matters and this matters.


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