Is it bad if a guy has to think twice about you?

I'm not easy to convince in anything, there is this guy who I really like its been almost a year since I've liked him the problem is he's the player type I guess and im the complete opposite he wants to mess around and I want something serious and I told him straight up that im not the type to mess around with and that im not going to mess around with someone who won't take me serious... I feel like he wants to like cut me off but I also feel like he's hesitating to do so... I don't know... I really like him but if he doesn't take me serious I want nothing to do with him but I don't want to be the one to cut me off I want him to be the one who cuts me off... But I feel like he's hesitating any advice? I need it

I don't want to be the one to cut him off***


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  • wow... my theory is that once i see "i feel"... the game is up. Its YOUR fault. all i see here is assumption.. let me list it for you :
    -"he's the player type"... that can be proved but how do you know? he might just be frivolous
    -"i feel like he wants to like cut me off"... ahh you "feel" but you don't know do you?
    -"i really like him".. highly doubt that. you are attracted to the personality
    -"he doesn't take me serious".. duh.. you aren't dating.. yet
    -"I feel like he's hesitating any advice"... WHAT advice? "i like you and you should like me back"?

    Darling, he's acting like a guy, you are assuming a lot of things to compensate for the fact that you won't just get up and TRY to get him. From what i see, if you know he is a "player" that should have been a no-go zone. but you are still interested. He's not gonna change because you like him, and You obviously want to make him change. In order to cause something, there has to be an effect, you aren't effecting, you are assuming, hence, he will NOT come your way. The first REAL move is yours... In order to get a "player" you HAVE to be a player.

    • He flirts with a whole bunch of females, he knows my whole family and I heard bad things about him, I've witnessed him flirting with other girls, and the only reason I like him is because I adore. The kind of guy he is, he has a heart of gold I'd love to be with him and build a family but doesn't want to settle down because he would rather go clubbing and stuff... Plus I have no freedom lmfao but year it is my fault I guess truth is I don't want to get hurt and he already told me from the beginning not to get attached cause I'll get hurt but he still messes with my mind he made me feel wanted and the things he used to say to me sounded real... But maybe it was because my feelings for him were real while he was just messing I don't know im confused im so naive I don't know it's hopeless

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    • I can wait for him till he decides to change I know I can't change him but I'm hoping im the one he goes to when he makes the decision of settling down.. I don't want to give up on him... I guess I'll just stick around for a while and if God lets us be we'll be if
      Not then I'll have to accept it... Besides im still young and if for some reason I'm not the one he choses I'll have to move on... he's like 34 I don't think he's going to play the field for ever he'll eventually want settle down with someone

    • lol... really? let me save you some time. He's not coming to you darling.

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  • Well he is thinking about you, and he is weighing his current lifestyle and a new lifestyle
    A lifestyle with you
    I suggest you let him know you want to be exclusive with him, but you want to take things day by day
    Why do relationships have to be serious, why can't they be fun, spontaneous and committed?


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  • You want different things. It won't work out. I was in that same situation before. I liked a guy that just wanted to fool around while I wanted to be serious. Needless to say, I wasted my time. You're better off finding someone who is on the same level as you, because you won't be able to change this guy and make him want to "settle down".

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