Very complicated. I like one of my best girl friends.

I don't know what to do about it. We've been friends for over a year, and when we first started hanging out she used to flirt a lot with me, but at the time I saw her more as just a friend. I told her right away to avoid confusion. About a month after I really started enjoying being with her and started to miss her flirting, and started it myself. She ignored it and even starting talking about guys who she found desirable. Around this time she started hitting on my guy friends, which made me jealous/mad. It's also the point where I knew I liked her more than a friend.

Within about a week of this new crush, she full on started getting all over one of my best buds. I, unfortunately drunk, started going off on her via text, telling her to leave my friends alone. This eventually lead to me drunkenly breaking down to her how I felt about her.

This has been over a year ago. We've got over that and for some reason never talk about that night, or about how we feel for each other since. We hang out about 3 times a week still. And I would do anything to be with her. I just don't want to let her know because I really don't want to lose her as a friend if she doesn't feel the same way.

The only reason I think she might have feelings for me is because almost every time we hang out, and she brings friends she says "I brought you some hotties!" (as if they're fair game)and when they start hitting on me she starts to get mad. And about 2 months ago, I let her tag along on a date that I was on with another girl. She stopped talking to me for a whole month after that night. Wouldn't return calls or texts. A month later she finally texts me telling me she really misses me and wants to hang out again.

We hang out for the first time in a month the next day at applebees. I find out, only a week after we stopped talking, she found a boyfriend. and all throughout lunch all she talks about is negative stuff about her boyfriend and how much she wants to dump him.

We hung out every day that week, and before it was over , she dumped him. Since then she's been asking me to hang out more than usual and the flirting seems to be more frequent.

I would love to give things a shot between us. She's smart, funny, drop dead gorgeous, and I just love being with her.

Should I go for it?

Or is it too late?

please help

(sorry I went so in depth but I just wanted to help emphasize why this is such a confusing/touchy situation)


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  • if you're willing to take the sacrifice, go for it.

    if you really can't do it, get one of your friends to talk to her friends,

    see what they say first, give her some signs that you like her,

    the more she gets all flirty or wants to hang out with you more

    the more she's falling for you.

    all girls fall for boys pretty quickly at times and we show it.

    try asking her out more often,

    she'd love that =)

    hope that girl likes you.

    you seem like a great guy!

    you deserve her =D


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