She is dating other men, what should I do?

I'm a pretty competitive guy, mostly with my self. I don't compete with other men because I truly believe your greatest challenge is yourself.

I am dating , or was? Don't know which very to pick. Anywho, I'm dating this woman and we known each other for years but lately we have been getting heavily flirty and all touchy with each other. We like watch other and got out t of bad relationships. I don't mind if she dates other people but I don't want to know or see it. I saw her today with another guy, and it made my heart dropped. I spoke to her and him and was very smooth about it, she asked me what I thought about him and wanted me to sit with them.

Personally, I don't want to talk to her anymore. Not that I'm jealous, I just don't feel I'm special in her eyes anymore. I don't want to know and move on. We text and talk everyday and I feel it is super awkward and I want to move on.


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  • In the dating stage people can multi-date and you just have to accept it which is why you should never place all of your eggs into one basket.

    Also if the girl is asking you to sit with a guy she's out with then she may not have been on a date with him or if she was then she may see you as a friend. Though her asking for your opinion on the guy makes me believe you're in the friend zone.

    If I was you, I'd distance myself from her. Stop the texting, keep things cordial and move on.

    • We were intimate witn each other physically. Trust me it was not the friend zone. I know she felt guilty when she asked me to come sit with them. She keeps texting me after this situation that she wants to see me and sends flirty messages. I don't mind if people date, but I don't want to see it. I rather have a don't ask don't tell. I saw it so it was tough and I want to move on and act like she disn't exist. If she texts me I'll write back simple stuff but don't want to talk to her anymore, I don't feel the passion anymore,

    • Then tell her this instead of leaving her in the dark about how you feel and where things are going.

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  • What is your problem exactly?

    • She contacts me to hang out but I ignore it after seeing her with another date. I just act like I'm busy

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    • Judging from what you told me, she likes you too.
      And since she likes you too u can have a chance with her. If you want that is. Just go on more dates with her and maybe she'll put you on the top of her lost too. Then she will stop going out with those other men, and you can stop going out with those other women and then you two can have a relationship. If that's what you want

    • List not lost*

  • Break up with her


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  • You are so in denial and assumed lots of things.

    If you're not sure that you had a date with her, then you two weren't dating in the first place. Oh gosh, you two are flirty, touchy and talk and text everyday? Wow, this girl got no romantic feelings for you. you were just there to distract her.

    And she dated with the other guy and she lets you sit with them? What a joke. A woman with high interest in you never dates other men, or lets you sit with her date. Consider yourself her bestfriend. It means you're in the ultimate friendzone buddy.

    You are not jealous you say? Ha, another joke of the century.

    You're right about one thing by the way - that's to move on.

    • We dated , kissed, slept. But she has been in a very bad relationship and is plying the field. I think she felt guilty seeing her with him. I acted cool around her but don't want to see her again.

    • Good that you don't want to see her again. She's on the rebound

    • Exactly, I don't want her thinking I'm waiting in line. The guy with her felt kinda awkward there, I think he knew her and I dated, he looked a bit insecure but I didn't try to ruin his game. I think she feels bad that I saw it but I try my best not to show any negative energy and now she is hitting me up to talk.

  • Are you guys even actually dating? There's no indication there that you both stated reciprocated romantic interest in each other or there has been physical escalation of a sexual nature..

    • Yes we were. She contacts me but i ignore it. I think she feels guilty that I saw her with another date. I acted like I was all cool about it when I saw them but I didn't want to show any negative emotion. She hits me up to hang out but I don't want to see her

    • Okay, based on the other comment you made to the male anon below me, I would say yes, she's likely on the rebound, and two unless you both agreed to be mutually exclusive it's well with in her right to date other people as well, just as it is yours. If you don't like the notion of not being mutually exclusive you can walk away as you have and continue to not answer her calls.

    • Yea ill ignore her. I think it deals with the fact that I don't feel special anymore. When she sends me kisses or hearts via text , I just look at it, feeling indifferent like I don't care

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