Dreaming about a man other than my bf?

I just woke up from a dream about another man and I feel so unsure about everything now. I feel some what crazy because my dream felt so real...

I dreamed of one of my close guy friends and me just clicking and falling for eachother. Laughing, flirting, closeness (no intercourse) and oh my goodness it felt so real. I feel guilty. I wish I dreamed about my man in that way.

Interpreting a dream, does it have any meaning when you dream about another?

I did talk to my guy friend only the majority of today because my bf was busy with family...


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  • One dream? I wouldn't worry.

    If this keeps happening that might suggest you're infatuated with the other man. But even that's not really a problem unless you decide to act on it (i. e., cheat on your BF), or you find you're also completely uninterested in your BF.


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  • probably your brain was still analysing everything you did through the day... relax... drink some water... its was just a dream... it doesn't mean anything...

  • hm... i think love has no end what ever happened in middle


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