How to start dating a guy that's a friend?

What do you reckon would be the best way? The guy in question is an average 21-year-old uni student and we've been friends for almost 2 years.


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  • It shouldn't be so dificult. Even if he's the shyest, smartest, most arrogant prick, we can't resist a confession like: I like you more than just a friend". And I don't think he's that dumb to don't notice that after 2 years.
    So, dating is actually going out with a friend who is intimate in a physical and (kind of) spiritual way (so to speak). So once you already started going out don't be afraid to hug him and say nice things to him and (maybe slowly maybe fast, i don't know him) he'll respond the same way and ta da! you're dating :}


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  • Have you told him how you feel about him? That might be a good place to start if you haven't done so as of yet.

    • I've admitted that I liked him to one of his close friends, so he probably already knows. I do plan on telling him in person, but I wasn't sure how to approach the topic gently and not just put him on the spot.

    • Put him on the spot.

      Tell him you like him and ask him out.

  • Just tell him you're interested.


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