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Hey people
Well my last post was a success... but this one's exclusively for the ladies... well as the post suggests.. I would like to know if hypothetically or virtually I would get the chance or honour to be ur date or boy friend... I know u may all think I'm desperate or something.. but trust me I'm not... I just would like to better myself and analyse where to improve... about me I'm 5ft 9.5 inches, brown eyes, I'm brown skinned coz I'm an Indian and I'm athletic, black hair with an undercut hairstyle and a bit of facial hair. I'm ur average Joe, I'm friendly, out going and able to make conversation with anyone and everyone, I do not generalize with people.. coz I'm at ease with everybody. I'm also very outspoken and straight forward, if I wanna say something to someone I say it to their faces. Some girls mainly my exes told me that I make or made a good bf coz well as they quoted I'm nice, sweet, understanding and caring. However, it's been 3 years since I last dated anyone and 1.5 years since a date. Please, honestly tell me if u'd b interested in me... Also if there are any flaws in my character do let me know.. I welcome opinions. Thank u for ur attention

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  • Might want to improve grammar and spelling, but you sound pretty good


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  • Too short, too desperate.

  • Yeah probs


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  • you do not need to offer you information to know if a girl would date you maybe a 100 girls would date you THE WAY you are and maybe other 100 won't... so how u look or ur personality is you the only thing u need to keep it up is how u look like and the only thing u want to develop is SELF CONFIDENCE.. confidence is the only thing you want to improve or to keep up because its the only thing that all Women agree on in a guy that attracts them.. to develop confidence just by going out by ur self try to embarrass your self not by doing stupid things but by get over what might makes you nto confidence like u can't go talk to random girl in a street try and go talk to one try once or twice a day and by the time you will find your self going for 4..5.6..

  • I'm Indian let's go


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