I'm 24 but I look like i'm 19 or 20? is it ok to ask a 18+ girl out?

im actually 24 years old when some1 see they think im 19-21 no one thinks i look my age... will it be creepy if i asked a girl out if she is 18,19 or 20? im not from the USA so i really dont know if the really makes a different but if she is 19 thats like 5 years younger than me but the fact i look like 19 or 20.. makes it better or what.. please write you opinions thanks.

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Another thing when a girl talks to me she say " you look like 19.. etc but when i talk to u i feel like your 30.." which i act and talk mature. My XGF was 26 tho.. so i just want to make sure about the younger ladies.


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  • It's not that uncommon for girls that age to date guys well into their twenties anyway. A few might think it's a bit odd, but I don't think most would. I'm 21 and seem to look several years younger than I am, I might need to do the same when I get to your age.


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  • Where r u from?

    • Im originally from Egypt. Been here for 3 years TX

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    • You misunderstood me im not trying to show i like my self what i mean is most of the egyptians they look older than they are... but im odd... my skin tone is light...

    • No, I understood you well,
      Maybe I couldnt say my comments clearly.

      Anyway, So what if you look younger than your age?
      I think thats not bad.

  • It's okay as long as you tell her your real age and don't hide it. Had a guy do that to me and it put me off, so shady. He looked like he was 20/21 but turned out to be 28. I was 18 at the the time. A 4/5 year age gap is not too bad especially if you find a 19 year old that's mature but like I said, don't be shady and try and hide your age from her.

    • i never hide my age bcz who knows something will happened that shows the truth.. no need to lie and its me if it was based on a lie won't last long.

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  • This depends on a lot of things. To make it "easy", do you like to go to bars, clubs?

  • age is not a matter in love