Getting conflicting opinions from friends about this guy?

I really think that the guy that I'm talking to and I are starting something, but it's going kind of slow. When talking to my friends about it, the opinion is either positive and encouraging or "If he was really interested, he'd do x, y, or z."

I guess I'm just wondering which side might be more valid. I know it depends on all of the details, but I dislike feeling discouraged by those in the less positive group just because we're taking things slow. If he really were more interested, would he be more actively pursuing me? Or might he just be as nervous or cautious as I am?


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  • If he was really interested in you and you showed that you're interested in him, he would be more actively pursuing you. Your friend's opinions are somewhat important but you need to find out on your own on how this guy is.


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  • With that explanation, the best answer i can give you is "yes."

  • He'll be asking questions about you, and after some time ask you out, setup dates etc... if he's interested.

    • But it's normal for that to take time right?

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    • It's been almost 2 months. We see each other about twice a week for about 10-20 minute but that's about it.

    • You need to talk more than that.

      You need to spend at least 1 hour a day talking in some form or the other.

      If he's not taking initiative to meet you or talk to you, then it means he's not interested.

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