Does she work in this relationship?

Ok, so my girlfriend recently told me that our sexting that she originally though was special said that it was just for fun.
My and my girlfriend are in a distant relationship. And, well, until now, I just rethought our relationship.

So, you see, I'm sure that I'm doing more than she is in the relationship. So, I don't know if she still cares or doesn't try.. I'll put what I do in categories for her.

Videos: I make videos for her everyday. In them, I tell her that I love her and that she means the world to me. The first video, she loved it. Now, she doesn't even say I love you anymore, and it kinda hurts.

Sexting: Originally, she said that it was one way we can show our love for each other, cause it's distance. So, after 5 months, she today says that all she thought of it was for fun. She said that she just likes it for fun. After I try to get into it for her, she says it was for fun.

Family: So, basically I told my mom that I have a distant girlfriend. And she didn't care. Like "Fuck you, I don't give a shit" care. So, I told my gf that she tells hers, cause we both promised. It's been three days. And all she said to me is that she doesn't have time or her mom is busy. Or asleep. So, I asked her again, when she wasn't busy and my girlfriend wasn't either. She said I can't. I said why. She said can't, I don't wanna get teased by her. So, after she knows that I get looked at by my mom differently now, she doesn't wanna get teased by hers? Ok, ok.

Lies: So, she said that she's had one boyfriend. I don't know. I caught her in a few lies but never mentioned it. Like, if she cool with distant dating. She said she never did it. No the later she tells me that she tried it with some other guy and she saw him a few times. I'm like ok... Then when we sext and she knows what she doing, I don't. But I know what to say cause it's easier for me than her. I asked if she ever did that with people before. She said no. After 3 months, she admits that she did once.


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  • When you do the same thing over and over (like you do those videos for her) it gets old and it doesn't feel special. You got to be original and let her think that you're obsessed with her. The relationship is going downhill but there is still a chance to bring it upward. It will be difficult because I'm assuming you guys are long distance from each other (physically). Quit making the videos and rarely sext her. Just talk about non sexual things. Ask her how her day went, whip out a funny thing that happened to you today and exaggerate it a little. Like I said, as add novelty to the relationship not a routine all the time.


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  • She's not feeling the relationship anymore: Everything for her has lost its spark.