Girl is freaking out because I invited another girl please help?

So me and this girl 1(the one freaking out) got upset Becuase I invited another girl 2 to a party (someone elce I was talking too) I mean we wernt even serious who's I'm the wrong and do I need girl one to stick around do you think she got really jealous... She told me I'm butt hurt Becuase I don't like her anymore..
P. s me and girl 1 have talked for about 2 months and we only hungout once...


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  • It probably wasn't the best idea to invite another girl; girls tend to get attached to boys they like and also get jealous if that boy is giving attention to other girls. I suggest speaking to her and explaining how you feel, and if you don't like her anymore, let her know! Be tactful and try your best not to hurt her feelings.


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