Why won't he answer my calls anymore?

OK so I started seeing a guy about 5 weeks ago, the first 2 weeks after we met he texted me every day, we hung out a lot, he told his mom about me, I met his best friend, he met my mom and he came and watched a softball game I was playing in. He rarely answered his phone on the first try, but ALWAYS returned my calls promptly. Eventually the texts stopped, and it started taking longer and longer for him to get back to my texts and calls. Last time I heard from him was 4 days ago when he called me after I texted him and asked him to call, we talked, he said "I'll talk to you tomorrow" before saying goodnight. Now it has been 4 days, I have texted and called and left msn messages. No response. He works offshore and was due to go back to work sometime soon. If he left town and didn't tell me what does that mean? If he is still in town but not answering me what does it mean? And most importantly what should I do? And what should I do/say if he ever does call me back?


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  • Well first off what you have to do is stop calling and texting him, if you really liked this guy and you think that he likes you too have him call you. Have him work to get your attention, if you give the guy your full attention right away he might just get what he wants and walk away. If he is away at work he probably just forgot to tell you that he was leaving, but when he gets back maybe he'll get back to you. If not, there are hundreds of other guys out there looking right now for someone to be with.


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  • I think that if he was into you, he would have let you know that he was leaving. Despite the first promising weeks,his feelings changed. This is no reflection on you, but on him- he has no manners. You are better off without him. Do not hold onto the thought of being with him, move on. immediately.

    When and if he calls, be calm and say "I was wondering what happened to you, but figured that you would eventually contact me". There are many excuses he could give, but if a guy really is into a girl, he will do anything to let her know why he has not contacted her. Because you both were communicating frequently, and the communication abruptly stopped, the only excuse is he was in jail or on drugs. And do you really want that? Heavy workload does not cut it.

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