I don't know what to do, should I let myself in?

there's this guy that tells me he likes me a lot and I really like him and he likes me too. He texts me regularly, and sometimes he seems like he doesn't like me and then he does seem like he likes me a lot. Sometimes he talks to me like we are dating. He's just really confusing and now I had a dream about us being together. It was a weird dream because he was at my house and I asked him how he came here and then he said that he asked his parents. I was kinda confused because I didn't think he was ready to date and because he's never had a girlfriend before. I don't know if I should let him in. Should I put myself out there? Should I let love in my heart again?


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  • So you are thinking a dream might be a sign that you are supposed to put yourself out there again? I am not sure about that...

    However if you like him, and then see.

    • No, I liked him before the dream.

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    • Sometimes, but it can be a sign of something.

    • not in my experience, but not telling you what to do or believe or think.

      I have heard of people being spoken to in dreams, but it was under very specific circumstances and ones that i cannot personally verify. So... just be careful in whatever you do. Life isn't about experience, but it also is not about emotion. There is a balance.

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  • "Should I let love in my heart again?", well aren't you dramatic!

    The answer is no. You'll do it anyway.

  • Your already in love... Mixed signals are not good tho... I'd say give it a shot and find out, nothing to loose.

  • Be nakeder. Figure out the rest later.


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