What do you tease your girlfriend about? :) Just very curious about this ;)?

Do you bug her about a strange habit she has, pet peeves, an embarrassing moment you don't let her forget, that she's a hopeless romantic, etc? Share personal experiences because I think it's pretty sweet that guys like teasing/annoying their girlfriends, lol <3


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  • How bad she is at roller skating lol

    • Lol :) That's actually pretty funny and sweet. Thanks for answering my question :)

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  • Why do you think that's cute?

    • I think it adds some excitement to the relationship & being playful can be fun :) Maybe it's just me, lol :)

    • You like to be humiliated. It's a fetish

    • I like humiliating him on occasion too :P Just kidding! Never to humiliate but just harmless flirting and playful banter that makes the relationship fun/entertaining :)

  • Literally anything one of the things I consistently did though was anything here little sister told me he did I would tease her about the one I really remember is her sister telling me she never put the batteries in the charger and I would some how tie everything back to putting batteries in the charger I think she liked it but that my be why she broke up with me lol

    • I always knew guys get some form of sick pleasure from teasing girls, lol ;) Thanks for participating in my question :)

    • It's just because when we do it you give us a little smile and a giggle usually or you'll like smile and turn away and stuff like that it just makes us kind of happy and we get some enjoyment out of it so ya :)

    • It's fun for guys and girls so I guess there's no harm in doing so, lol :P :)

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  • I have this involuntary breathing thing, where occasionally I'll intake two-four breaths very quickly without exhaling again. He always makes fun of me & tries to copy it :p

    • Aww, that's actually pretty cute and funny :) Anything you tease him about?

    • His stinky feet lol

    • Lol :) Interesting relationship & I wish you both the best! <3

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