Guys: do u use wink emoticons with girls u "like"?

A male buddy of mine lately uses wink emoticons with me... and he. Did tell me I'm "beautiful" on one of my statuses earlier in the year... do guys do this when they like a girl?

  • likes me/ being flirty
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  • If people use it it's usually to people thhe know and talk to a lot and it's just jokes. But the way he is using it it looks like he is flirting but has a scape goat of saying it was a joke of someone were to confront him about it.
    But seriously a wonky face is a sign of a moron, you have been warned

    Hope this helps

    • Lol this buddy of mine gets quiet and a bit nervous in my presence lately... what do u think of that?

    • If I'm honest it's definetly him flirting with you, or trying at least. He is quite nervous, and you may not see him say jumping around being centre of attention. Yeah, he probably does like you a lot. If I were you I would probably talk to him a bit more but alone. If your with people, even if it's one more person or even messaging him, he probably won't talk to you the way he would be if you were alone. It's clear that he is interested and by using the winky face he is saying he is interested, but if he realises you aren't he can play it off as a joke and say it was funny or something

      But yeah, what do you think?

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  • I actually use it with most of the people when I try to say something that may sound offensive, but it's actually not. I actually do use it more if a like a girl.
    Maybe he's flirting. If he didn't use it at first, when he started texting with you, and started not long ago, then it can be that he likes you, or that he's flirting.

  • I like you. ;)

  • Yes while texting yes... on internet forum NO!


What Girls Said 1

  • guys do that to me all the time and it just send mixed signals