Online dating rules?

I started dating this guy 8 months ago we met online. he thinks he is ready to commit. I noticed he still logins in to the site. are there rules?


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  • My rules would be you both delete all dating accounts if you want to commit.

    • he hasn't made it official with me yet

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  • it's good for girls. sucks for guys

    • he hasn't made it official yet with me. he says I make him happy but before we get into a relationship we are thinking things over.

  • GoldCobra is right. Online dating sucks for most guys since most women only respond to good looking guys on there. It has been proven

    • but my guy and I haven't made it official. I noticed now he logs in occasionally but it bothers me

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    • yes, we decided to take some time to reflect on what we want. the choices are either to have a relationship or part ways. we are not gonna see each other for a few weeks

    • Well tell him to stop doing what he is doing on the site

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  • My bf deleted his profile after we hit our one month mark u dont log in unless u delete it or ur So is sitting with u

    • were not official. he and I recently had a chat he said I make him happy. we are going to take time to think things over. I just noticed he still signs in