What to do when crushing on a guy who isn't great at talking to girls?

So i think i have a crush on someone who works for my dads son. I've heard via his dad and my dad that he thinks i am cute. Weve only met once. I've messaged him on Facebook once and he replied but that was the only time we talked. But he never talks to me at all. I've heard he isn't very great at talking to girls though. But is he not talking to me for a reason? Or should i try talking to him more to make him more comfortable? OH and he is Belgian so his English may be limited. But i do know the Dutch speak outstanding English and the belgians are pretty good.


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  • Communication is key. If he can't communicate properly and doesn't have developed social skills with women then understand it may be difficult and annoying when you guys can't connect or have chemistry because he can't communicate well. I've dealt with a guy that has horrible communication skills so trust me i understand. It will get nerve wracking having to keep the conversation going by yourself. But i'd say give it a go , he may open up or he may not. You guys have only met once you're strangers and he's not comfortable with you yet. Change that by messaging him again and trying to talk !

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