Me and my ex brokeup now im dating his family member, was that the right move to soon?

me and my ex brokeup after 5 years but his family and friends hates me because he refused to follow they orders but thats not the reason we brokeup. well im dating his cousin and i feel like im doing it out of revenge and just leading him on. well he called my ex and he told his cousin to not talk to me. i got tired of trying to change my ex back and get things back the way it was. he started hanging around the wrong friends and started going downhill and he start growinh distant. im filled with hurt and anger but i miss him so much im making bad decisions


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  • What the hell you gave your boyfriend orders? And you're dating his cousin? My god, that's cold!

    • no his family hates ne because im too quiet and not "hood"

    • But you gave him orders? Is he submissive?

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