Asking out a girl I met and got to know near end of Fall Semester at Uni?

There's a girl that I only really got to know near the end of my Fall semester in November and at that point everything was going on and I didn't have the time. I really wanna ask her out next semester (in fact I am going to) but I am just leery because I have no idea whether or not she even thinks of me that way. When we talked it was usually school-related but if we had more time to talk it was more open and I could make her laugh a lot etc and we have quite a bit in common in terms of background (also maybe personality-wise, both a bit introverted but not really).

Now in the next semester I am unsure if we share any lectures together (but same class). Regardless the best move for me would be to just ask her out right? (as soon as possible at the start of Winter sem) Am I just being nervous because I've never really done this before?

Also do you think that it will be a bit more than a month since we last saw each other do you think that'll make a big difference? I mean if I act quick and she was interested it shouldn't change too much.

Opinions please!


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  • Yeah I think you should be fine to ask her out. Normally when girls lose interest, it's after they have been spending a lot of time with you and you never make a move, so if you didn't see or talk to her at all over break, I don't think that should make a difference.