Someone tell me what he really meant!! This is driving me mad?

I want to date him, he has been hurt in the past and he says he finds it hard to fall in love after his ex. Thing is he said he doesn't know if he wants to date me, he's reason "because if it doesn't work out, it won't be good" what does this mean

He just isn't into me? He's scared to get hurt or something else only a dude would get?


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  • He is not over his ex.

    • This is a possibility

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  • Hmmm seems to me like he's just scared of being hurt. Maybe just take it slow with him so there's less pressure. Ask why he's scared and reassure him? I can only think what I would want in his boots. Everyone's different though!

    • But he let's me walk away and said he won't stand in my way if I want to move on. What's all that about? It makes me feel like he isn't bothered either way.

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    • Well there will probably be more taxing moments to talk about when things become serious etc so you may want to think of his ability to talk about things now compared to them.

      I'm all for helping people who have been hurt (been hurt lots myself). But you can only help if they can share there feelings and talk about stuff.

    • How long did it take you to open up?

  • He is scared to go through the same thing again and hence he is hesitating to go in relationship for now. Because if you both are separated due to some reasons in future then it would be intolerable for sensitive guy like him.
    Don't worry. Try to be his best friend. Stay positive with him and continue dating.
    He will feel better with time and move on. Then i can assure you that you both can grow old together.

    But there is a condition. If he is only interested in friendship then you have no chance. It's basically trial and error.

    • He said he does like me as more than friends

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    • I guess you're right, he just means so much to me. I just feel that just because he has been hurt doesn't give him the right to hurt me..

    • I agree with you. :)

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