Fed up with boyfriend?

i dont understand why my boyfriend refuses to tell his mother to get out of our relationship. i dont see the point of her being apart of our relationship. i understand mother and son relationship but thats completely different for dating. she thinks she needs to control where we go on dates when we go out on dates how much we spend on dates and if he talks to her on phone while date is happening. he works and earns his own money. we have our own transportation and dont need his mothers permission to leave. we both are over 18. he is 19 and i am 20 .

  • leave him
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  • fight for him and make his mother realize to stay out
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  • You're not going to come between a mother-son relationship like that, so you just have to decide if being with him is worth dealing with his mother. (Keep in mind that everyone has baggage and if this is the worst part of dating him, that's not too bad)


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