Girls how much do a guy's looks matter to you?

Girls how much does the way a guy looks matter to you?

Girls what do you find attractive about a guy? Like do guys have to have abs and perfect hair and whatever or what


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  • A good addendum to the question is, what kind of looks? I mean are we talking attractive as moderate or as super-hot?

    • I mean more as i dont think im that good looking and i was wondering how much that matters to girls or if its more personality

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    • Thanks that actually pretty helpful

    • It kind of does matter. Depends on how attractuve the girl (s) is/are.

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  • looks matter to me, but it will never matter more than what's on the inside. i dont care about 'perfection'. i just want a decent man from the inside out. is it too much to ask?

    in terms of what i find attractive, a lot of that is in his face for me. the body is merely a bonus if it's all chiseled.

  • Less than personality, hygiene, work ethic, intelligence, and how affectionate they are.

  • Not as much as it is to men. Its only a foot in the door

  • Rn at first i wasn't attracted much to my crush, i started liking him since he was respectful (even tho he is a total pot head, which is rare) he gives the best hugs ;) and makes me feel like i'm the only girl in the world when i'm in his arms, through the times of sadness to the times of happiness, he made me feel safe. After that i found him really attractive
    So not really sometimes, but it helps if you want to hook up easily

    • So its more the way he acts around you and treats you?

    • most likely yeah
      first be frienddly and all not too friendly otherwise it is annoying yes nice but annoying like if he reaches over the table to hand you your bag when it is right next to you is a huge ass no no
      the the mood is right hug her tightly and maybe hold her around the lower part of the back but not TOO low. Otherwise it is creepy and she might think you want to bang her butt.
      but yeah,

  • If he's a friend, doesn't matter at all. If my partner, as long as he looks good enough for me to be able to kiss him, that's fine for me. Don't need more than that. Personality is what keeps me around and be around them.

  • A guy that's forgiving with looks can usually find a girl who is too. A guy who feels gorgeous women should date guys for their personalities will not.

  • Honestly it matters quite a bit, if a guy is not attractive than I wouldn't be able to date him. He might be a real good friend though.


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