Does height matter to you ladies?

I know this question has be asked a lot, but from I've seen and have personal experiences on this issue for short guys like myself. I'm 5'2, about average height... for a woman -_-

I've even watched some social experiments on this issue. One experiments they have five guy (one very short) stand beside each other in a room with a window, all descent looking. They have women come in another room on the other side of the window and pick which man they like. Of all the women they had come in not one picked the short guy.

From what I've learned from my personal experience, it doesn't matter how confident I am when I talk to women, or how hard I work and be successful at what I done. From childhood through college and through the military, I've been teased, picked on, beat up, looked down on (metaphorically and literally), and rejected simply because I was short. Till in the end I became nothing more than a living joke.

Now I've been told a number of time "You'll find someone soon". Well I'm 31 now and I've only had ONE girlfriend and of course it didn't work out in the end. I just seem to have the shittiest luck.

So honestly do you think it height really matters?

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What Girls Said 2

  • Doesn't bother me, it's personality that attracts me to somebody... Im only 5ft 1in myself lol 😂 x

  • I'm a tall girl and it's awkward when the guy is shorter :l


What Guys Said 2

  • At the risk of sounding cliche, every woman is different and is attracted to different types of men. Some like them short, while others like them tall. Unless your ex explicitly stated that she dumped you for being short, there could've been a whole variety of reasons for her to do so. She had to like something about you initially to even get with you at all. Besides, there are taller guys (such as myself) who also have struggled with women.
    What you should do now is keep your spirits high and never give in. Make sure your life in order. Be respectful, work hard and have a stable job, a decent place to stay, and a car (if you don't already have these things), and the women will come.

  • No one would date this short guy!