I wanna hang out with my boyfriend but mum won't let me?

Ok so I am 14 and my boyfriend is 15 and we have been going out for a month and a half. I haven't seen him in a while cause mum won't let me because she wants to meet him and his mum first. They are staying in a house about 30 minutes away and me and my fb were thinking that my mum could go up there and spend the day up there and meet baileys mum just so they can get to know each other, she told me it would be awkward but I just wanna see him.
I really wanna go up there tomorrow.
Any ideas of ways I can go up there and my mum can meet them?
Please help me :-(


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  • It's only awkward bebecause your mom doesn't think it's serious. Your still young. But if what you want is your mom's approval, I would say give it time and stick to your ideals. Be patient


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  • Try having you mum and his give each other their numbers first so they can break the ice in their own way and get to know each other a little before meeting face to face. You're your mothers daughter so she'll want you happy even if its a little awkward at first for her