How do I get a girl to think differently about me?

There's this girl I like that goes to the store I work at, well I made a mistake of going on Facebook and finding her & messaging her. We barley said anything, I asked her why couldn't we be friends and she just said "idk" She blocked me, Now she thinks I'm a creep. I am not a creep. I just haven't been in a relationship in 5 years and I am desperate for a serious committed relationship. she's always going to my workplace to buy snacks and all that. But I am shy to talk to girls, but I think it's time to talk to her, so how do I make her change her mind about me? And all that? I wanna be friends with her first off. by the way her older sister knows about me and she thinks I'm a creep also. What do I do?


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  • There is nothing you can do to change there mind without digging yoursef a bigger hole.
    You don't know them and they think your a creep, trying to approach them again will make you even more of a creep because you don't know them.
    To be honest to add one of your customers on face book without getting to know them is creepy, I work in customer service and me and a customer have clearly been into each other for the two years I've been working their, I would never add her on Facebook or make a move on her, that break professional etiquette! If she asks me then that's amazing, I'm certainly not going to ask her though.
    So yeah leave them alone you could lose your job over it.

  • It sound like you're shy.. That's unattractive to girls. Creeping them out sometimes. I'd say to work up your confidence, be fun and playful. For the most part, don't give a shit!

    • I am shy 😏 but I heard some girls like shy guys or think it's cute when a guy is shy

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    • You're right she's like a hipster type girl. But I don't know maybe she doesn't mind shy guys just she doesn't know I'm a shy guy

    • Oh, well I'd say to just work your way up to state your intentions and be direct. That's how you'll get the your answer. If you can think of a better way, let us know ;)