Girls, how do you feel about stating your needs to your partner?

Of the vitriolic posts I've read online about AS/NT couples, mostly about how difficult the relationship was, I've noticed that girls feel if they openly tell their partners what they need, they'll come off as needy and dependent. That and neurotypical women are used to guys who "know". in my opinion, you aren't coming off as needy, you're just informing me that you need time alone, time together, etc. I can relate, trust me. Relationships are about communication and fulfilling each others' needs. Now, that doesn't mean revoke your partner's autonomy. After all, if you're tired of people telling you what to do when you don't need it and giving them no freedom, then why make them suffer? Two wrongs don't make a right (sounds like North Korea). Monologuing aside, please answer honestly.


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  • I have no problem telling my guy what I need and if he finds it needy he's not the guy for me. I hope he'll do the same because communication is the foundation of a good relationship.


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