She messaged me to not reply?

I have been speaking with a girl for months, signals indicate she likes me, we both email, call and text each other few times a week.

I have asked this girl out twice with no luck. Once to do her hair and another a birthday for a family member but she said she would free up her time. I haven't asked since then.

We broke up from work n she said I would hear from her over Christmas break.. She sent me a message asking how my bday was and I replied and she didn't read it till days later and still didn't respond.

Is this a sign I moved too late or is she seeking attention playing hard to get?


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  • If she was interested in you it would be far easier to meet her.
    And she would be in constant contact. Sorry


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  • I think her interest is very Luke warm, u should probably move on and find someone who is really into u


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  • may be she is trying to grab your attention.