Alright, I need help with some girl Im talking too?

Basically, she's a random girl who messaged me on Facebook and she's goes to the same Uni as me but she's beautiful! This is the convo so far:

Her: Hi, I saw you posted on the Facebook Uni page. Have you started the finance work now? X

Me: Hey, I've just competed the ratios. What about yourself? X

Her: Ah really :( I can't find any of the numbers to fit the questions. I'm finding it so annoying! I haven't done any of it x

Me: What do you need help with exactly?

Her: It's literally the questions. I can't find the relevant information in the case study! x

Me: You can check the lecturer's results equivalent to what we're supposed to do on Blackboard. How comes you're working at Christmas! x

Her: Really.. so has he answered all the questions we need to answer? And it has to be done at some point lol :( how comes you are? x

me: Not the exact questions we're supposed to answer. He used the Synthesis Plc report as an example. Haha, I did mine last week! can't be singing Christmas carols and stressing over Return on Equity.

Her: Oh okay I get you! And wow you have finished it? And hahaha so true!!

Me: not finished only questions 3-4. I attempted 2 but it was just so damn boring reading the auditor's report! Have you made a start now?

Her: lol aww I wish I had done some! No I haven't, I'm on my way to work so will have to start on Monday!

What do I say to that and what hints is she giving me? Is she interested in me? Shall I stop talking to her? I don't wanna blow this! I want to eventually take it to the point I ask her out! Don't give me pickup lines because they don't work and are awkward.


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  • Seems to me like she is just looking for help with the study things and seen as you have done it she knows she can attract you to help her


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  • Um... I think she's really into work at the moment... maybe try asking her? Im not really a love expert, but give it your all... that's the best you can do! 😜


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