Should I try to be her date for New Years?

I like this girl and want her to be my date for New Years however, I'm not really ready for her to meet my friends yet and I was planning on going to my friends party so I was going to invite her there. I just don't really feel like I'm ready to have them meet her yet. I know she'd get along with them but I feel it's too early. I don't want to just be at home with just her either because it's not only difficult to entertain just one person on a night like New Years but, I don't want her to get the wrong idea. I don't really want to go to a bar because bars tend to be way too overcrowded on New Years. Should I just not ask her to be my date for New Years, or should I try to find something we'll both enjoy and that isn't going to be busy


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  • Yes ask her. Does't hurt and you won't know till you know. Not a lot of girls have new years plan yet!!!

    • What should I ask her to do then

    • ask her if she's interested in coming to your friends party with you. Say something in the lines of "Hey I got invited to a party this new years and wondering if you are free, if youd like to go with me?"

      Keep it cool cuz you gotta prepare yourself incase she says no/ not free to go.

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  • You could ask her that what's her plans for new year's eve.. If she got plans already then it might be an off.. and if not you could plan something up with a common friend.. that way you could spend time with her as well as she would feel good in company of group.. hope this helps,,

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