Why did she say I did not love her enough?

I dated a girl a couple of months ago. She seemed right in the beginning but things went downhill from then.

She would not talk much and accuse me of not talking enough with her. At the first date I did like 80% of the talking to carry the conversation.

On the second date I did manage to talk with her even more. But eventually I ran out of things to say to her or it just felt kind of weird talking with someone knowing they have nothing to say back.

But after that I would contact her less and less because I ran out of things to say to her to make her feel good. With the current girl, she also talks back and shares her stuff.

So she started to accuse me of not loving her enough out of a sudden and even cheating on her when I had a date planed with her.

She told me that "She was not like other girls". This really seemed like a red flag. You do not say stuff like this when you are 22 years old. Pretty soon enough it became all about her, her and her and her needs. I could not believe that she could not see more than her person. Also she usually blamed people and circumstances around her for her trouble when in some cases it was pretty obvious she was guilty.

This really damaged my self esteem. How on earth can someone be so quiet? Was she really needy and insecure? Was she narcissistic because she said she was not like the rest of the girl. I have a feeling she was afraid she did not have anything good to say or she was cheated on.


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  • She has some issues it seems, but you can't fix them. Move on.


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  • There are people who need a certain type of love you cannot ever produce.

    • Yeah, a psychiatrist doctor's love.

    • I'm not so quick to judge. It's rarely ever accurate to listen to one side of a lover's quarrel.