Securing a date/conversation with a flight attendant?

I've come across this gorgeous, solid 10 women who's profile showed up on Facebook, we have several mutual friends by the way. I don't know this woman personally, nor have I seen her in person either or talked to her yet. I skipped through her profile and I realized her profession is a flight attendant! This is all fine with me, although I hardly fly. I've already sent a friend request and she accepted, (we've been "friends" since October). Noticed that she usually posts on her wall, a "check-in" in different cities across the country. Randomly she'll check-in to my local airport, where she went to college and has family here I suppose. So I guess my question is... What would be the best way obtaining a conversation/date with her? Obviously booking a flight with the airline she works for and hoping she is on my flight is crazy talk. I could just send her a message over Facebook right? With a simple, 'Hey, you don't know me but, I noticed you're a flight attendant and traveling a lot, I'd love to take you out when you're stopped here in town!" Or maybe play it like I don't know she is a flight attendant at all and just try it that route?

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated?


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  • Interesting
    I would send her a message but i wouldn't just say hey whats up or something boring
    She probably gets loads of those all the time
    I would either start with something interesting about where you have flown to before or try and meet up in person before sending her a message.
    I wouldn't try and stalk here though and say like o hey we both like flying or the same tv shows.
    Just be yourself if and when you meet her in person
    It definietly is the best way
    Try to organise something with your mutual friends
    I would put off sending her a fb message until after you meet her, or send her a message when you get her phone number which would be better.
    Most girls only go on Facebook to talk to friends, not all the stalker guys they get messages from so your message could easily be ignored.

    Hope this helps


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  • I have not done this one before, but you could just ask her out. I would perhaps leave the flight attendant part out. Remember being a flight attendant means she is probably going to have had many men hit on her, so she may not be overly interested in a "blind" date that is self-solicited. So you might think about that.

  • Just message her over FB offering to meet when she touches down next time. The rest is up to you.

  • I wouldn't go there, FB isn't an online dating 'ting and she's not really on your radar.