Should I be OK with her hanging out with guys for drinks?

my girlfriend moved to another country for business and found a guy from her homeland living in the same building, he asked her if she wants to go with him tonight and with another few friends to a nightclub/club (not sure what it is) and she accepted and they are going to have drinks, in her country she had friends that accompany her and protect her when she is out drinking but those new ones are strangers, should I say anything to her when she comes back or should I call her now to check on her? should I let her have that kind of fun when she is away? I feel like a pimp right now. told her not to go but she didn't listen

  • You are a controlling guy, let the girl live her life!
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  • She can go only if you were with her
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  • This behavior isn't accepted, talk to her and threaten her next time
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Most Helpful Girl

  • we all need our space in relasionships. she shouldn't have to stop being friends with other males just because she has a boyfriend. if you both have genuine feelings for one another then you should trust her not to do anything wrong and she should respect you enough to not even think about doing something with one of them. if this doesn't occur then you shouldn't really be in the relationship.

    • But! but she is drinking with them and they aren't even friends! they don't know she has a boyfriend, that jerk thinks he is taking her out literally

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  • My feeling is closer to "give someone enough rope and they'll hang themselves." (it kind of works.)

    You can probably trust her; I mean, if she were just going out for coffee or something that'd be totally different. But these are strange guys, over seas, and there's alcohol involved. That's never a safe situation.

    • So you think I should call her now and check, or don't talk to her to make her feel guilty?

    • Don't go making her feel guilty, that's never a good option. I would suggest calling her to check, though, and letting her know you don't trust the situation, not her.

  • I like this quote and I had to think of it after reading your story:

    If You Love Something Set It Free

    If It Comes Back, It Was And Always Will Be Yours.

    If It Never Returns,

    It Was Never Yours To Begin With.

    • We are in a strong relationship and we are talking together always, my story was about her behavior tonight, how should I react or think about it

    • Oh I didn't mean set her free as in split up with her. I meant let her go out and trust her that everything will be fine. If she judged the situation as ok trust that it is OK. That's just my feeling.

    • Yes she thinks it's ok, what is not ok is only having sex with others or kissing passionately according to her, what do you think about that?

What Guys Said 1

  • Let her go, but tell her you're concerned.

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