When one of the couple is only interested in the money that the other person has - is it that common?

So I am lucky to study in a school where like... 60% of the students are REALLY rich! I've met a few nice guys, that are not rich, they're just like me, a simple and honest person. But the funny fact is: all of them already have girlfriends and you know what? They are those rich girls, that have nothing in common with them, that are boring and not interesting women. Why these guys date this girls for so long? I know that these relationships last a few years, is it because of family pressure?

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  • Well it shouldn't really matter, and it depends when you say is it common for one to be rich and not the other. It depends on what you call rich and what each person can provide.
    You say the "rich" girls are with the "rich" boys, this is probably because at that point in the time there is no power inbalance, as in the relationship is equal, where the guy gets the same as he puts in from the relationship. They know that the interesting attractive women will only be after their money so would probably avoid them. If these "rich" boys go with "rich" girls then they know its because they actually like eachother and not because of money.
    If it is true that someone is rich and the other isn't, its probably because of other things such as true love and the fact she can provide the same amount as he can in the relationship.

    You wouldn't find any normal person just interested in the money, unless it is some dodgy deal, some really young girl/boy with a rich pensioner (gold digger) or they actually love each other and its not about the money , like gloria and jay from modern family.

    Its not really common because why would they enter a relationship to loose out on loads of things.

    Hope this helps.


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  • Unfortunately, It's very common where I live. India is among the top countries (maybe even the top) who are polluted by evil practices like dowry :(

  • This has been happening for thousands of years and is nothing new.

  • Oops I clicked A personally I don't give a shit if they are rich or not as long as they are kind and pretty.


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