How to overcome the fear of showing affection?

So quick backstory, i grew up always wanting to date a girl but every advance i made was met with hostility and resentment. These negative reactions from girls forced me to recede and not make contact for 6 years. This last summer I met a girl who went out of her way to meet me and we went out. She gave me my first kiss and taught me it was okay to be open and share how I felt. She said i should be more open and if i want to hug or kiss her i should just go for it. We had that summer romance i always wanted. She told me she loved every moment of it and we went out 5 more times, each time her telling me she liked me more and more. I was finally comfortable that I could share how I felt with her and just be sweet and romantic with her, and treat her the way I felt. One day I texted her to tell her I missed her and wanted to see her again, she told me we were just friends right now and doesn't want to lead me on. She said she thought I was getting "too attached". I felt like I wanted to crawl into a hole and die. Later she said he wasn't used to having someone be so open and nice to her and she had to pull herself away.

So my main question is I've dated other girls however im petrified of showing affection anymore, i just can't do it, im afraid the girl will run away. But i think it might be causing them to run away anyway because im showing little to no interest other than asking them out. What do I do to overcome this fear. This last girl really fucked me up and im so confused,... what do you girls want?


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  • Aside the answer... you're hot

    • hmmm... Now thats an unexpected answer,...

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