He doesn't text back after showing interest?

So I met this guy in a bar. He was working behind the bar and we made eye contact quite a lot. When I ordered a beer, he said "It's on me". Before my friends and I left, I gave him my number on a piece of paper.
He already texted me a couple minutes later.
Over the next few days, we texted a couple times.
I also went back to the bar with a friend and before we left, I talked to him. He said he was a little sick (you could hear that)
One day, I asked what he was doing that night. Did no get an answer. So the next day I asked "you must have been pretty busy huh :p" he wrote back: "Sorry! :p left my phone with no battery I was just hanging around"
Then, the next day I asked him if he would like to do something on the weekend, he answered: "Yeah I do :)"
So I asked when it would work best for him. No answer.
About 6 hours later, I texted him again saying: "Are you sure you wanna do sth? :D" Still no answer.
What's wrong with him? Or with me for that matter?
Was I too pushy?


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  • Your only choice now is to go into insta non-existant mode, don't text him, you are pushing too much and he is not responding, the only way now to see if he is interested is to wait on him to see what he does, if he wants you he WILL text you, if he doesn't then he won't and you should move on.


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