Is love just about love but also about hate , sadness and anger?

I've always strongly believed that if someone who loves you, also gets angry with you, and sometimes cries because of you, that there is a deeper emotional connection between these 2 people. because to me love isn't always about happiness its also about being angry with each other sometimes, just so 2 people can make up. i had an argument with the girl i like , and currently im out of options about what to do, she is on a holiday and will be gone for another week. i just can't wait for her to come back, what can i text, something flirty not to serious, that makes her think about me


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  • Yeah nothing is perfect me and my bf fell out. He drives me mad. Upsets me but I can't hate him for some reason

    • Sometimes girls hate us for doing something nice, and we go like , wtf, what did i do wrong. The girl i like, well she got angry yesterday about something stupid, now she blocked me, deblocked me, but im still blocked on fb messenger and whats app. told her thanks for deblocking me, so far no reply, guess im last priority on her list right now

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    • maybe dont think so negative right away, give it a few days, i know im unpatient 2, i would rather take the airplane fly to her right now she is on a holiday, tell her how much she means to me, stay 5 minutes, and in the end i know she will be angry with me again. im with you, i feel empty , alone and sad, thats why i come to this place,

    • In my mind I assume if he's not dying to talk to me he doesn't care enough and isn't afraid of losing me. So he should. If someone really likes you they couldn't go a day without talkin. Last time he done that next day he messaged.

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