I liked this guy since High School and now he is in my college, but he is really shy with girls. Should I talked to him?

He never talks to girls, only the ones that are in his group of friends. I aways wanted to talk to him but I'm shy. I talked to him once but he was drunk and not much into talking... Last night a one girlfriend sent him a fb message and he answered back, but I have no idea what to talk to him about without being awkward

he has talked to me back, I'm too nervous to anwer right away, so I'm waiting but I'm scared he might think I am the creepy girl who talks to him... I don't know what to do now :(
Like a month ago he smiled to me when he saw me on campus, I know is nothing but after that he kind of noticed me. by the way I'm really bad at flirting and that kind of things, I'm 20 and had never had a bf before so that is probably why I'm so bad at this


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  • Maybe I can help lead your awkward conversation lol
    What the text say so far?

    • its just
      Me: Hey!
      Him: Hey
      Me: What's up! How are you?
      Him: the truth I'm great!! what's up with you!

      a girlfriend told me to ask him about clases but our clases are completely different, he is studying business and me engineering... so I'm thinking that would be either lame or creepy lol

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    • Yeah try that see how it goes and if you're stuck again just message me :)

    • Thanks for mH! Hope it all worked out great :)

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  • Talk to him it would be soooooo cute if you guys go out!

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